[Cover: Three men stare at the ground. A ground covered in comicbooks where all the pages are gone except for the covers. And all the covers are green. And the covers are next to slices of ham.

Man #1 exclaims: 'He ate all the pages, This Man Named Sam,
but he did not eat the Green Covers.
And he did not eat the ham!'

Man #2 gasps: 'He would not eat them while serving in 'Nam.
He would not eat them while listening to Wham!'

Man #3 rages: 'He does not like Green Covers and Ham!
He does not like them -- Goddamn!!'

In the bottom in bold letters is: 'THE MAN THAT WOULD NOT EAT GREEN COVERS AND HAM!!!!!!!!']

Arthur "Covering..." Spitzer

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