So yes, apparently I want to write a Spies With Badges as well. Hopefully if this steps on anyone's toes it can be turned into an Elseworld or a More Imaginary Story.

Steffan Alun did the first spy. Oh well, we all have to have someone to blame.



Thunder cracked and wind howled at the top of the tower! A voice cackled all evil-like and then lightning struck the tower and with a vworp it disappeared! Gosh!


It was almost the end of the day at Tabbyhanita Edison Adventure Fantasy Elementary School. Card games class was almost over, and Emilia Octavian was really bored even though she was playing with her best friend Miss Steve. She was so bored she could barely keep her eyes open as she attacked her 64/32 Gulping Saturn Fishweasel into eir army of 14/108/pi Jackhammer Monkies, spending a purple token point to activate Easy Rider Tubular Bells Smooth Jazz the Reaper, wiping out the army, getting 58.5 Victory Marks and winning three times at once.


But then the bell rang, and Emilia jumped out of her desk and down the trapdoor and around the spiral slide and hit the pillow on the bottom and stood up in a cavern full of really cool computers and shiny bleeping technology. Because Tabbyhanita Edison Adventure Fantasy Elementary School was actually Tabbyhanita Edison Adventure Fantasy Elementary School For Junior Spies!


She took off her backpack and put on her spy backpack and delivered herself to the office of Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve (who was not just Boss Woman of the Junior Spies but also a Junior Spy training to be a Boss Woman (she had asked for a less confusing title from Adult Spy Headquarters but they were out)).

"Emilia Octavian (Not Yet a Full Spy)!" said Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve. "We have a problem, and a situation!"

"Yes sir!" Emilia said. "There are three new spies in school! One of them pushed a kid down on the playground, one of them stole a guy's lunch money, and one of them said well maybe to drugs!"

"Junior bully spies!" exclaimed Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve. "The Bad Government must be at it again!"

"But no!" said Emilia, slamming a trapper keeper full of photographs on Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve's desk. "These junior bully spies are from a dimension."

Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve's monocle popped out. "Of course! That is why they have old man beards! Do you know which dimension, Emilia Octavian (Not Yet a Full Spy)?"

"Yes, because of my spying!" said Emilia, chuffed. "The genre dimension of Old Frankenstein Moviea!"

(Did you guess the foreshadowing?)

"Good work!" said Junior Spy Boss Woman Charlie Jackson Twelve. "Now you're off the case so that the adult spies can take care of it!"

"Yes sir!" said Emilia, and left to go take care of the case before the adult spies could take care of it.

Back up on the ground, she crouched and looked around a corner. The junior bully spies were all standing together, wearing sunglasses, leaning on the building. Then she saw it! They were going to pollute the Earth!

Emilia jumped out and held up her sneakers. "Junior spies are the junior angels of Earth!" she shouted. Pink sparkly light descended around her and her outfit got a bunch of ruffles and riffles and little tiny wings on the back and also a tiara with garnets (her birthstone)!

"What?" said the junior bully spies, and "Huh?"

She pulled out the Wow Amazing Chocolate Milk At Lunchtime Stick. Time-Traveling Future Emilia the Spy appeared next to her, representing adulthood and the dreams of children fulfilled. Together they shouted, "Awesome Superyeah Sugar Cookie Daylight Twinkle!" and shot out a Rainbow Acceptance For All Humans Yes Even Those Ones Beam.

"Charming!" said all three junior bully spies, and they turned into a Right Goffic Vampire, a Wereperson, and a Junior Mad Scientist. The vampire and the wereperson flew back to Old Frankenstein Moviea, but the mad scientist stayed. "Emilia Octavian (Not Yet a Full Spy)!" he said. "I'm Jayden Cunningham (Not Yet a Full Mad Scientist). I want to be a Junior Nice Mad Scientist now, and help the spies of Earth!"

"Grool!" said Emilia, because she thought you could combine 'great' and 'cool' into a single word. She was wrong but it's okay because you have to try new things.

In the future, Emilia the Spy reappeared. She went to the office of Boss Charlie With an Eyepatch.

"How goes the past?" said Boss Charlie With an Eyepatch.

"Jayden the Utterly Despicable is now on our side," said Emilia. "But the timerivers are pointing in the same direction. We still can't unhappen The Worst War."

Oh shoot.

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